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' सही जाँच रोगको निदान '

About Us


Mangalam Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd is first fully automated diagnostic labratory with a focus on providing quality service at affordable coast to patients and hospitals in Birgunj. Wise selection of the best global technologies for specialize testing and an uncompromised approach to instrumentation have ensured that MDC is looked upon as yarstick for quality by stakeholders in the diagnostic industry. Mangalam Diagnostic Centre is dedicated to address the public health care needs in Nepal. 

Mangalam Diagnostic Centre, Birgunj is committed to provide the most convenient, friendly blood testing service to the people. The Laboratory will provide a full range of laboratory services. The Mangalam Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd is managed and operated by Prof.Dr.A.N.Thakur, MBBS(JIPMER), MD(AIIMS, New Delhi), Senior consultant pathologist. He has been involved in numerous hospitals and colleges in Nepal and India..



  • "Service you can Trust"
  • "We have setup a world-class facility to provide quality diagnostic reports"
  • "High grade calibrators and controls are used and are traceable to the primary control"
  • "The global standards for best of the quality service delivery at the most cost effective prices"
  • "We always welcome suggestions from all stake hlders in providing us with their valuable feedback and inspiring us to push for continuous improvement"

Further Plans

  • Working toward to achieve ISO 9001:2008 Certification.
  • MDC aims to open branches in major cities of Nepal.



  • Senior Consultants Pathologists Panel
  • Wide coverage of tests(More than 1800) performe by latest technology and equipments.
  • Complete and accurate data management systems
  • Review and reexamination of Previous lab reports and samples.
  • Slides and paraffin blocks easly accessible for your use.
  • Friendly and clean ambience.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Conduct regular CME programme, academic and research activies by arious reputed pathologist.


Mangalam wiil work towards total customer satisfaction by providing cost effective pathological testing services with precise investigation, quality, speed, accuracy, safety, integrity and courtesy.



  • Ensuring high standards of practice through quality results in stablishing, performing and evaluating laboratory test.
  • Establishing continuous monitoring of positive and negative feedbacks received from the customers. Total customer satisfaction is ensured by providing customized, cost-effective accurate and timely diagnostic services.
  • Creating awareess among all Mangalam team through training and implementation of defined quality system procedures.
  • Continuous improvement of laboratory performance by monitoring proficiency testing results, training and up-gradation of skillls through programme and benchmarking.
  • Implementing an external and internal quality control system as per laboratory standards.
  • Use of calibrators and controls to maintain the quality of test results.

Equipments by which tests are performed in MDC:

  • Fully Automated Haematology Analyzer-5 Part differential(Backmen's culter)
  • Fully Automated Immuno assay Analyzer(Tosho-Japan)
  • Fully Automated Clinical Electrophoresis System(Genio-s, Italy)
  • Allery Screen (Rida X-Screen, Gremany)
  • Automated ELISA Reder(Neoeldex-USA)
  • Fully Automated Haematology Analyzer-3 Part Differential(Medonic-Sweden)
  • Fully Automated ESR Analyzer(India)
  • Coagulation Analyzer(Helena-Europe)
  • ID Centrifuge 6 S, For Immuno Haematology (Bio-Rad, Switzerland)
  • Fully Automated Bio-Chemistry Analyzer(XL-180-Ebra,Germany)
  • Semi Automated Bio-Chemistry Analyzer(Chem-7,Germany)
  • Fully Automated Electrolyte Analyzer 6 parameter(K,Lite-5, Corony)
  • Nyco Card Reader(Norway)
  • Nano Scan For TORCH PANNEL(Finland)
  • Automated Semen Analyzer(SQAIIC-P-Israel)
  • Automated Urine Chemistry System(Human-Germany)
  • Cytocentrifuge Machine(Medspin-India)
  • Automation For Histopathology, Cytopathology(Yorko, Indian)
  • Automatd Colony Counter For Microbiology(Hi-Media,India)
  • Sepcific Protien Analyzer(MISPA i3)

"Leave your sample today and get your report the same day."


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Mangalam Diagnostic Centre Pvt.Ltd,

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